Clive Sutton have been importing, restoring and rebuilding American cars for over 25 years.

From new cars to classics, from stock to custom we are one of the most experience businesses in the UK catering for all aspects of American cars. The Mustang has always featured strongly in our activities both with new cars and classics.

Within the classic Mustang world there has been much interest in recreating the film cars Mustangs. Most notable have been the “ Bullitt “ Mustang driven by Steve McQueen in the film “Bullitt” and we offer a classic and modern “Bullitt” style mustangs.  The more menacing “ Eleanor” Mustang as featured in the 2002 remake of the film “ Gone in 60 Seconds” continues to be the subject of various rebuilds and replicas over recent years. The film car was restyled by famed US car stylist “ Chip Foose . Based on the look of the 1967 GT500 Mustang the “Eleanor” featured new modern integrated front spoiler/bumper, side exiting exhausts and rear spoiler integrated in the boot lid.  The film car was painted in Dupont “ Pepper Grey” and had a black racing stripe.



We used to import “ Eleanor’s” built by a US company that had a licence from “Haliki films “ to produce an “ official Eleanor.  The vehicles produced were not the best quality and we had various issues with them.  Then “ Shelby American” licenced their brand to the same company who ditched the “ Eleanor “ brand in favour of “ Shelby”.  We have since built our own restored and new build 1967 Mustangs in the UK which we offer under our Sutton brand as a GT500CS.  Our builds are made to EU quality standards not only in body panel fit and paint but also in the integrity of the mechanical and electrical builds

We offer either “renewed build “ restorations based on original 1967/68 chassis or a completely new build using a brand new Chassis and body.

Either way we offer either a more period correct build with either a “ movie car basic interior, carburettor V8 and original 4 speed manual.

Alternatively, you can opt for a contemporary style build with many modern features such as height adjustable independent suspension, up to 14” disc brakes with 6 piston front callipers . up to 18” alloy wheels with modern tyres, 5 and 6 speed manual transmission or 4 speed automatic. “8 Stack “ fuel injection, with selectable ECU maps, Active exhaust system.

We can offer a blended interior with retro looking instruments but with digital inset displays, carbon fibre or carbon fibre look dash, modern centre console, in dash built in Satnav, reversing camera, DAB audio, modern seats, full leather interiors, HiFi Sound systems, Air conditioning.


Key engine/transmission options:


  1. 302 cu 5.0 litre period correct V8 with either carburettors or Fuel injection
  2. 331 cu 5.4 litre “ stroker” V8 with upgraded pistons and crankshaft
    either fitted with 5 speed Tremec manual or 4 speed auto
  3. 427 cu in 7.0 litre big block with either carburettor or “8 stack racing fuel injection” with either 6 speed “Tremec manual or 4 speed auto
  4. 5.0 litre “ Coyote” V8 from the latest generation Mustangs with either 6 speed manual or 6 speed auto transmission

Other modern options include coil over independent suspension, adjustable dampers and ride height,  17” or 18” wheels with either full or partial finish or powder coated in satin black.

LED lighting, remote control central locking, Period correct chrome or satin black chrome , Recaro seats with or without electric adjustment.

You can choose the follow the film car colour scheme of “Dupont Pepper Grey “ with black painted racing stripe or elect to have your own personal colour scheme. Each GT500CS is unique and tailor built to the owners specification

Our most recent  build has featured the latest “ Magnetic Grey” from the current Mustang range with full satin black Chrome parts and satin black 18” wheels.

We also offer new build in both Left and Right hand drive. If your interest is in other derivatives of the 1960’s Mustangs we can obviously help too. Either with the sourcing, supplying, repairing, restoring of original Mustangs or the “ renewed build” or new build.




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