Transform and modernise the look of your car with car detailing London

We have been preparing specialist cars for resale for nearly 30 years with our car detailing London service. We now offer you the opportunity to inject new life into your car by letting us bring it back to showroom condition for you.

Is your car suffering from a “ mid-life crisis”? Let us give it a refresh and detailing update.

  • Alloy wheel refurbishment and colour dipping.
  • Repairs to cracked glass.
  • Deep cleanse under bumpers.
  • Contrasting colour change detailing.
  • Refinish to external trims to change scuffed mouldings with custom finishes in colour, carbon or chrome finish.

Check out this Range Rover with before and after pictures taking a stock looking vehicle and giving it a new look which would normally cost a significant sum to achieve.

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