Tell us about your vehicle and what you would like to achieve with car exterior styling and we can offer an individual programme combining tuner parts and custom paint.

A range of Aero Body kits and carbon fibre parts are available for a number of vehicles beyond the factory offerings. Some tuner brands claim to be adding luxury but in truth this is all about individuality and having a more special looking version of an ex-factory. As an example, the Range Rover has several tuner brands offering body styling kits and wheels. Some of these make the vehicle look mean, some are over the top and some are more subtle to the point of not being much different to the factory vehicle. We work with some of the tuners and also provide some subtle custom paint option to offer a more exclusive look.

We offer a wide range of car exterior styling upgrades for your vehicle. Apart from the obvious – body styling and wheel/tyre packages from well-known tuning houses – we offer to put together a unique combination that works for you. This may also include a variety of colour-coding, chroming, tinting and grille options.

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