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Sutton Bespoke have been enhancing the performance of luxury cars for over 25 years.

Car performance upgrades for your classic sports car has the potential to add not only driving thrill and excitement but reliability and more importantly, safety. Let our experts introduce subtle, to more advanced performance car enhancements. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to make your vehicle faster, sound better, turn sharper and look remarkable.

RAM Air Induction


The cheapest way to improve power is by enhancing induction airflow by modifying or replacing the air flow intake into the motor. We offer a range of cold air intakes as part of some of our tuning packages. Typical gains are small in the order of 5 to 10 hp.

remap tuning
Remap Tuning


Performance upgrades ranging from full engine rebuilds to minor remapping. We offer a range of tuning upgrades. In the case of new and current models there are many electronic upgrades with downloadable remaps of the ECU (Electronic control unit) enabling a richer running more torquey power curve.

whipple supercharger | Car Performance
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A significant uplift in horse power and torque can only be achieved without touching the motor by either Turbo charging or Supercharging.

Engine Upgrades


Using for older classic cars from the 60’s and 70’s the old school way to upgrade performance is to bore out the motor to larger displacement, change camshafts for higher lift units and machine cylinder heads. You can enlarge the inlet and out valves and generally upgrade OEM parts. A “cross drilled “crankshaft will promote better oil flow around the block.


Sutton Bespoke has been converting American cars to right-hand drive for over 25 years. In recent years, the quality and range of American cars have improved to such a level that many are comparable to EU vehicles but aside from the latest Mustang, all are only available from the factory in left-hand Drive. We have partnered up with an Australian owned business in Asia and now can offer a variety of models in Right Hand Drive converted to a standard pretty much indistinguishable from the factory product.



“At the heart of the Sutton Bespoke philosophy is the uncompromising quest for perfection.” Clive Sutton, Chairman. Sutton Bespoke is the specialist arm of the long established Clive Sutton located in St John’s Wood, London.

Top Performance Cars

Utilizing, supercharging, turbocharging, engine tuning and upgrades – Sutton Bespoke unleashes extra performance.

Automotive Couture

Sutton bespoke is a classic car workshop in London that enables discerning motorists to perform and enhance their vehicles to the next level.


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Since the launch of the Sutton Mustang program we have had countless situations where a mustang owner has a besp...

Update: Newly launched 3D configurator to create and customise your own tuning programme Sutton Mustang Perform...

We can build for you a robust quality GT500CS that can either be faithful to the original 1967/8 specification o...

Ford Mustang Boss 302

Car Restoration, Ford Mustang

We are able to either build a car from an original 1969/70 body vehicle or we can supply a brand new body and ch...

The Sutton team have been in the business of conversion to right-hand drive for a number of years. We used to co...

From time to time we are happy to work with other quality Tuning Brands and in the case of Porsche we have a lon...

Sutton Evoque


We have been styling and upgrading Land Rover vehicles for over 25 years. From performance upgrades to styling p...

We are able to offer an extensive programme for VIP limousines based on the Cadillac Escalade ESV. Already th...

As you will have seen from our history we have been upgrading people carriers for over 20 years with our Lords G...

RHD Brabus 700

RHD Conversion

From time to time we collaborate with other specialists to be able to offer exceptional bespoke vehicles. When M...

The Sutton Bespoke Range Rover power programme Our tuning and styling activities for Range Rover started over...

Lords Mini


The trend to smaller luxury cars has been gathering pace for the past 10 years. When the second generation Mini ...

However, it was our introduction of the “Lords Grand Voyager “in 1997 which enabled us to take the special treat...

“Lords “taking vehicle luxury to another level. We named the Lords collection after the eponymous cricket gro...

CS800 Humble Bumble

CS800, Mustang, Mustang Projects

The Humble Bumble project was a build we had great pleasure in facilitating. Based on our CS800 power package th...

CS800 Demo

CS800, Mustang

After a year of great success selling the CS350, CS500 and CS700 packages, we thought it was time to push the li...

Sutton Mustang CS500

Sutton Mustang CS500

CS500, Mustang

This black Mustang 5.0GT convertible has been upgraded with our CS500 power upgrade including cold air intake an...

Black Mustang CS500 Convertible

Black Mustang CS500 Convertible

Ford CS500 Mustang Black Cab Silver stripe, Mustang, Mustang Projects

This Black Mustang CS500 was further customised to specific client wishes. These included;  

Mustang CS500 Fastback Black

Mustang CS500 Fastback Black

Mustang, Mustang Projects

This 2017 Mustang Fastback 5.0GT features our upgraded CS500 power package including;  

CS500 Black Convertible

CS500 Black Convertible

Mustang, Mustang Projects

Another black CS500 convertible this time fitted with....    

CS500 Mustang Convertible in Blue/Ceramic Leather

This blue Mustang Convertible featured our CS500 power package including;  

CS500 Convertible in Magnetic GreyBlack Leather LHD

This Left Hand drive Magnetic Grey CS500 convertible was ordered by a client in Monaco.

CS500 Fastback in Grabber BlueBlack Leather

This “Grabber Blue“ mustang was a great opportunity to create a custom CS500 using contrasting carbon and grey s...

Range Rover Sport 17MY 3.0 Supercharged

Range Rover Sport 17MY 3.0 Supercharged

Range Rover, Range Rover Sport

Our new Aerokit for the 2017 Range Rover sport features a complete new front bumper/splitter with our signature ...

Range Rover Sport SVR

Range Rover Sport SVR

Range Rover, Range Rover Sport

The owner of this SVR wanted to add some special touches to his Range Rover without succumbing to over the top w...

Range Rover Sport 13MY 3.0 TDV6

Range Rover Sport 13MY 3.0 TDV6

Range Rover, Range Rover Sport

We supplied this 2013 Range Rover Sport last year to one of our regular clients. He wanted to have a “Stealth lo...

Range Rover Sport 13MY 3.0 Supercharged

Range Rover Sport 13MY 3.0 Supercharged

Range Rover, Range Rover Sport

This was a highly cost effective make over to provide a current look to a Range Rover Sport over 4 years old. ...

Cadillac Escalade ESV Right Hand Drive

Cadillac Escalade ESV Right Hand Drive

Cadillac Escalade ESV Right Hand Drive, RHD Conversion

This was one of our first RHD Escalades featuring the long wheel base ESV version. Talk to us about one for y...

Chevrolet Camaro 2.0 Turbo RHD

Chevrolet Camaro 2.0 Turbo RHD

Chevrolet Camaro 2.0 Turbo RHD

Check out these pictures of the 2.0 turbo which we supply to RHD Asian markets. We are able to offer RHD convers...




We have been converting the Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 for various RHD markets and now have a demo car in the UK. ...

DODGE Challenger Hellcat Right Hand Drive

DODGE Challenger Hellcat Right Hand Drive

DODGE Challenger Hellcat Right Hand Drive, RHD Conversion

We have been converting the Hellcat to RHD since 2015 for various markets. Contact us for further details.

Sutton CS800 Mustang

CS800 Triple Yellow

Car Performance, CS800 Triple Yellow

This CS800 Mustang features our Stage 2 Whipple Supercharger with a larger throttle body, high flow fuel injecto...

This build started from a local customer struggling to find an available vehicle to purchase. After supplying a ...

Range Rover Sport 15MY 3.0L Supercharger

Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Supercharged

Another one of our favourite 3.0L Supercharged Sports to have our Aerokit installed. On this occasion, we refrai...

CS800 Magnetic Metallic Mustang

CS800, Ford Mustang

This build may look familiar! In fact, its owner was so taken back by our demonstrator vehicle, that its essenti...

Car Modification Project | Scissor Doors Red Mustang

CS500 Fastback in Race Red with Scissor Doors

Car Modification, CS500, Ford Mustang, Scissor Doors

CS500 Fastback in Race Red with Scissor doors For this car modification project, we went beyond our core offeri...

RHD Ford Raptor Super Cab

American Car, Ford, Ford Raptor, RHD

RHD Ford Raptor F150 Super Cab We believe this was the first new model RHD Ford Raptor to be developed globa...

Harry Hummer H2 Lift Kits

Car Customization

A good customer of ours expressed interest in adding a 2002 Hummer to his collection. Once we found a suitable b...

Destroyer Grey CS800

Car Customization, CS800

This build encompassing all aspects of our CS800 modification package including: CS800 Power Pack - Whipple...

We had the pleasure of dealing with Top Gear presenter Rory Reid, on building his Triple Yellow CS500 Fastback ...

Dodge Demon Car Wrapping In Matt Black

As one of the only importers of Dodge Demon’s in Europe, we took great pleasure in making our customers vision a...

CS500 Fastback in deep impact blue

Car Customization, Car Performance, Car Wrapping

Another CS500 car customization and build, but this time on a beautiful 2017 Deep impact blue 5.0L V8. Our CS500...

2018 Ford Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang

Car Customization, Ford Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang Car Customization Project The first customers 2018 model year Mustang to arrive! We first add...

CS500 Black and Yellow Mustang

CS500 Black and Yellow Mustang

Car Performance, CS500

This CS500 was a vehicle that we had intended to keep for stock, but when a customer saw what we had planned he ...

Sutton GT500CS 1967 Contemporary Edition

Car Customization, GT500CS, Mustang

A ”renewed build “ using original 1967 Mustang chassis with new panels and rotisserie build. Featuring the “Elea...

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