The Sutton Mustangs Performance and Tuning Programme.

With over 25 years of experience of providing the UK’s American car owners with tuning packages from the USA, we saw an opportunity to use our expertise and knowledge to create our very own packages. We were the first company in the UK to supercharge the Ford GT in 2005, transforming the 500hp to a ‘mere’ 730hp! Today we bring you our very own UK and EU Mustang performance and tuning programme.

We offer UK and EU buyers of the new 2016 Mustang the option to upgrade the standard car into a true muscle car (The Sutton Mustangs). Whilst the American obsession is with straight line performance and 1⁄4 mile times and speeds, we know that UK and EU buyers are looking for dynamic performance upgrades including suspension, handling as well as more refined styling and performance.



The CS350 Power package is designed for car performance upgrades, including the 2.3L Ecoboost. The standard Ecoboost model has 313 Bhp. We have combined three elements to provide a responsible power upgrade.



The CS500 is our entry level power package for the 5.0L V8. Designed to add up to 40 hp by a combination of our own Sports exhaust, a cold air induction intake and a custom remap of the ECU.



Power Package includes: Supercharger, Inter-cooler, Quad Exhaust, Active Exhaust system, Rear Valance and CS700 Custom Circular badging with the interior plaque.



The CS800 is the accumulation of decades of experience in performance upgrades. Using the Whipple stage 2 supercharger, we take the 5.0L V8 Mustang to 825Bhp.



Taking a legend and making it immortal.

The Mustang is one iconic car that is the subject of more upgrading and custom work than most. We realise that many people will do their own upgrades stage by stage. Also the number of aftermarket choices are huge in the USA and of varying quality and compatibility with UK and EU vehicles we carefully select tuning and styling products that are of right quality level so that we can guarantee them fitted.

Sutton bespoke, the tuning division of Clive Sutton is proud to announce, tuned and high performance additions to the new 2016 Ford Mustang for the UK and EU markets. European drivers expect more from performance and sports cars and we have been in the business of upgrading performance and styling for American, German and British cars for over 25 years.

Not everything from the USA translates well into the EU. For example, we worked with renowned German suspension company KW to come up with a tremendous upgrade in handling and ride. Our interior carbon fibre dash parts are hand made in the UK by craftsmen used to working inside Bentley and Rolls Royce.

For example we worked with Whipple the supercharger manufacturer for 2 months to achieve the perfect settings for the UK V8 Mustang. We have bought in and rejected some components on quality and fit. So if you are interested in carefully chosen upgrades our ford mustang packages can enhance your Mustang. Our CS350/500 and CS700 supercharged packages provide power and exhaust upgrades with designated badging.


Front spoiler /splitter, Side rockers, rear boot spoiler, rear valance for dual and quad exhausts. bonnets (hoods in the USA!), power scoops, window louvres, custom striping both painted and vinyl. We choose some of the best quality components some in a choice of carbon fibre, Polycarbon, fibre glass. We can custom blend spoilers and scoops into the bodywork

GT101 Sutton CS800 Mustang-30


The focus of the interior in any car is the dashboard and the matt aluminium Mustang Dash cries out for attention. We remove the OEM dash parts and then hand roll real carbon fibre in a process with curing and lacquering which takes nearly 2 weeks to complete. We offer the 4-piece carbon fibre dash in a choice of colours and finishes from gloss to satin lacquer.

We also offer a range of trim upgrades from contrasting seat stitching, leather refinish to centre console, upgraded seat leather, door panel inserts, logos, custom carpet mats


We can upgrade various elements of the standard Mustang lighting including Clear white LED front fog lamps, LED side lights, LED interior light package and the surgical installation within the headlamps of triple bar DRL lights which are available in clear white or with a remote controlled multi coloured choice. Integrated Switch back sequential indicators, under body glow lighting and rear light conversions to Ford GT style single round taillamps!

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