Sutton Bespoke History

Over 30 years of taking vehicles to the next level

Take a trip through time and see how Sutton Bespoke unraveled

Clive Sutton was originally one of the UK’s leading Jaguar dealers, initially an independent Jaguar specialist and then official franchised Jaguar dealers for North London from 1997 to 2002.  During this time the company developed:

A)   Handling and Suspension Packages for Classic and Modern Jaguars

B)   Chassis X frames to add rigidity to the XJS convertible

C)   Sports Exhaust systems for 6 and 12 cylinder Jaguars

D)   Manual 5 speed gearbox conversions for the XJS V12

E)   Ram Plenum Induction system for the V12 engine replacing factory inlet manifolds and enabling the legendary V12 engine to breath more efficiently

F)   Blue printed large bore 6.3V12 motors with Zaitek ECU’s producing 500 HP over factory 280 hp 5.3 engine.

Clive Sutton became the official dealer for these brands in 1992 for the Greater London area and at its peak the business was selling about 1500 new and used Chrysler Jeep vehicles each year.

A)  The “Lords “brand to create a super luxury version of the Jeep Cherokee.  At the time around 70 examples of the Lords Cherokee were built providing Bentley level of interior trim with Connolly Hide, rear wood veneers , high level audio and special exterior styling

B)  The “Lords Grand Voyager “following in 1997. The standard Grand Voyager was a 7 passenger people carrier with decent luggage room, the “Lords edition introduced multi flat screen monitors, TV on the move, VCR (then DVD) mobile PlayStation, Fridge, together with custom in dash Navigation and luxury trim features.   More than 130 Lords Grand Voyagers were built until 2004. It was supplied to the then Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1997 who subsequently renewed it 3 times over the 10 years he was in Downing Street.

C)  Jeep Wrangler : We started the Wrangler UK custom market as the official dealer we creating many special versions for Off Road adventure and Urban luxury “ Chelsea Tractors

SuttonBespoke has been tuning and styling Range Rovers since the early Jaguar days.

With the introduction of the Range Rover Sport in 2006 a new set of products were designed and brought to market including:

A)  TDV6 diesel power upgrades utilising “water Methanol injection “. This race technology Took the standard motor from 260 hp to 330 hp

B)  Custom designed Sports Exhaust systems for Vogue and Sport models

C)  Hand beaten brass front radiator grilles in Chrome and black Chrome finish

D)  Titanium pedal sets and custom light fittings

E)  Coach  built  stretched Vogue and Sport versions

F)  2013 to 2016 Body styling aero kits and wheel packages

G)  Exhaust packages for all models

H)  Power upgrades for diesel and petrol models

We have been involved with the iconic “Defender for many years. Our Bespoke activities have known no bounds with this vehicle,

A)   Preparation for Off Road Adventures

B)   Conversion to Automatic Transmission

C)   Luxury interior upgrades

D)   Engine upgrades including installation of V8 Supercharged Range Rover motor

Sutton have been working with the Mini since the 1980’s with many custom and performance projects from deseaming the original mini to adding John Cooper Works equipment to more standard models, With the introduction of the new generation Mini, Sutton introduced the “Lords Mini “in 2007 delivering a super luxury styled Mini which continues to be built to order today

Clive Sutton is one of the UK‘s leading dealers and tuners in American Cars.  Since being appointed official Chrysler Jeep dealers in 1992 and then in 1997 becoming the London official Cadillac and Chevrolet dealer , Sutton has also continually imported and upgraded American cars to the present day.

A)   Hummer:  For many years Clive Sutton has been one of the leading UK importers of Hummer. All models from H1 to H2 to H3.  We developed our own Right Hand Drive conversion for the H2 and supply this to customers around the world. We supercharged

The H2 and installed many specialist Chrome Billet parts.

B)   Shelby GT500 “Eleanor” We are the UK’s leading “Eleanor “specialists. We build them both in Left Hand drive and Right Hand Drive, upgrade with modern parts, install “Nitrous Oxide” and supercharge them.

C)   RIGHT HAND DRIVE.  We have been converting American cars to Right Hand Drive for over 20 years. Now we offer RHD conversions on a range of vehicles.

Pickup trucks: Dodge Ram/GMC Sierra/ Ford F series/ Chevy Silverado, SUV, Cadillac Escalade and Sports Dodge Challenger/ Corvette/ Camaro.

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