For those wanting a full performance system beyond a cat back upgrade we can now offer the ultimate system.

Having “exhausted the USA” for a true high performance exhaust, we have teamed up with one of Australia’s top performance exhaust companies: X FORCE. Having trialled one of their full engine back systems on our latest 800 hp supercharged Mustang we are convinced that for those who want to unleash the maximum potential from their Coyote 5.0 Mustang this full engine back system is the business.  Unlike most US systems designed for LHD models, The XFORCE system was designed in Australia for RHD cars like the UK models.

Available for the fastback Mustang with dual and quad tail pipes either of which can have remote control of the sound level. Exquisitely made in stainless steel with flang joints this replaces the entire OEM system from exhaust manifolds to tips.

Sutton is the official UK distributor for X Force Exhausts. Enquires for fitting or parts only.


  • Varex Full 3″ Exhaust System with “Adjustable Sound”
  • Street Mode, Race Mode and Anywhere in Between – Electronically Controlled
  • Increases Rear Wheel Horsepower and Torque
  • Long Tube Header Design – 1-7/8″
  • High-Flow Metallic Catalytic Converters
  • Mid-Pipe Resonator
  • Adjustable Chambered Mufflers
  • Free Flowing Stainless Steel Mandrel-Bent 3″ to 3″ Tubing
  • 4″ Polished Slant Cut Tips
  • (2) Remote Control Key Fobs Included
  • Fits 2015-2017 GT Mustangs
  • Optional “ Varex box” which enables smartphone control by Bluetooth including geo programming to define a zone when the exhaust is quiet

Improve the power and performance of your 2015-2016 GT Mustang by installing an X-Force Varex Full 3″ Exhaust System. This X-Force Varex Exhaust features a pair of 1-7/8″ Long Tube Headers and High Flow Metallic Catalytic Converters that will greatly improve the exhaust flow of your Coyote powered GT, when compared to the factory setup. This System not only improves the power of your Mustang, but also improves its sound with a pair of adjustable Varex Mufflers.

By installing a X-Force Varex Full Exhaust System, you can dramatically change the sound of your S550 Mustang’s exhaust from a mellow street sound to a rich, throaty race car growl or anywhere between with just a push of a button. This X-Force Varex Exhaust features a pair of electronically adjustable Varex performance mufflers. Close them when driving through a residential area to stay low key. Then open them up to let your coyote howl while speeding down the highway.

X-Force Varex performance mufflers utilize a sophisticated internal electronic butterfly valve mechanism to direct the exhaust flow within the muffler. In the open position, the valve “uncorks” the exhaust flow allowing it to take the path of least resistance. The muffler now acts more like a straight-through muffler for a rich throaty race style exhaust note. In the closed position, the valve blocks the exhaust flow, forcing it through the chambered paths to produce a classic, mellow street friendly sound. This unique design is perfect for personalizing the power and sound levels of your Mustang to suit your own specific needs.

The X-Force Varex Full Exhaust Kit is a complete 3″ system from headers to tips. This kit includes a pair of 1-7/8″ Long Tube Headers, a pair of High-Flow Metallic Catalytic Converters, a Mid-pipe Resonator, a Catback Exhaust with Varex Performance Mufflers and a set of 4″ Slant Cut Tips.


Clive Sutton are the UK distributors for Xforce exhausts.

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