Lord Grand Voyager

Specialist Matt Bodywork

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However, it was our introduction of the “Lords Grand Voyager “in 1997 which enabled us to take the special treatment to another level. Chrysler had introduced the Grand Voyager into the UK for the first time right-hand drive and this was at the time the world’s best-selling people carrier.

Aside from trim and styling upgrades we were one of the first companies to provide in-vehicle monitors for television and at the beginning “VHS “video tapes. We offered at the beginning 2 fold down monitors and over time increased to 5 video screens offered in the rear of the head restraints and a world first in the passenger sun visor replacing the vanity mirror with a TFT screen. Individual passengers could choose their own entertainment source including a specially adapted Sony PlayStation to work on the move. Individual cordless headphones completed a very advanced entertainment package at the time. We also build a custom centre console including a fridge and drink cooler. We custom installed a Navigation system in the dash where there was none offered from the factory at the time.

Our very first Lords Grand Voyager was used for the late Michael Jackson on his tour. A number of celebrities purchased the Lords Grand Voyager most notably at the time the former Prime Minister and his wife Tony and Cherie Blair. Over the 10 years they were in Downing Street we supplied 4 of these to them. We went on to build about 140 Lords Grand Voyagers and some are still in use today.

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